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Benefit from exclusive activities at Hacienda Jimenita and surround yourself with nature. Ask for information about the details of our activities and book your reservation to be pleased by them all!


Bird Watching

Visit our natural reserve where we house more than 90 species with a specialized guide. The tour lasts 2 hours.

Historical Trail

Discover the history of the pre-Inca cultures by going through the 200 meter long historic tunnel, where you will learn who built it and for what purpose, you will observe archaeological objects and evidence the mystery behind this cultural heritage.

Feed the Llamas

Meet our friendly llamas and have fun feeding these andean animals.

Sowing and Harvesting

Visit our organic where you can observe, harvest and taste healthy foods from Mother Earth. Plant a native plant and in this way you will help the reforestation of our natural reserve.

Cooking Class

Learn to cook a route of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine in the hands of experts in national gastronomy.


Horse Ride in the Andes

Ride through Cerro Coturco where they will be accompanied by Jaime, a chagra from the area, they will learn about the traditions and legends of the area, traditional clothing will be provided at the time of the ride.

Giant Rose Tour

Visit  a rose plantation, and understand how these Ecuadorian roses are harvested and get ready to be exported.

Condor Tour

Visit to the Antisana National Park where you can see the biggest andean bird in its natural habitat.