9 hectares (or 22.23 acres) of nature and magic

We are a natural reserve of great importance to wildlife, flora, and fauna with geological and archeological features worthy of interest.

In the 45-minute trail through the “Rio Chiche canyon” you will live an experience full of nature and magical sunsets.

Reserva de Aves - Birdwatching

Nuestra reserva natural brinda refugio a varias especies de animales, árboles, plantas medicinales y más de 90 especies de aves registradas.

Enjoy watching the most beautiful birds, among them the Giant Hummingbird, Southern-yellow Grossbeak, Rusty Flowerpiercer, Western Esmerald, White-bellied Woodstar and others.

White Bellied Woodstar

Estrellita Ventriblanca

Black Tailed Trainbearer

Colacintillo Colinegro

Western Emerald

Esmeralda Occidental

Southern Yellow Grossbeack

Picogrueso Amarillo Sureño / Guiragchuro

Ruffus Collared Sparrow

Chingolo o Gorrión

Vermillon Flycatcher

Mosquero Vermellon

Giant Hummingbird

Colibrí Gigante

Great Trush

Mirlo Grande

Golden Rumped Eufonia

Eufemia Lomidorada

Tropical Mockingbird

Sinsonte Tropical

Spectacled Whitestart

Candelita de Anteojos

Streak Backed Chat Tyrant

Pitajo Dorispardo

Blue and Black Tanager

Tangara Azulinegra

Andean Condor

Condor Andino

Rufus Chested Tanager

Tangara Pechicanela

Veridian Metaltail

Metalura Verde

Sparckling Violeter

Orejivioleta Ventriazul

Crimson Mantled Woodpecker

Carpintero Dorsicarmesi